Lost chamber

Zythurvion's lost chamber

Zythurvion's Lost Chamber is the third area of the Moon World and a secret area once used by Zythurvion. When appearing in the Moon World, it was the home of the Ultraviolet Orb, which Lanuwigi beat thecaptain64000 to and corrupted him with it. Radioton, the sprit that corrupted Captain, then dueled LuigiFan54321 and lost, giving up the Ultraviolet Orb.

MarioGame2222 also beat Captain and LF (it is unconfirmed if he beat Lanuwigi, however) to the location of the Ultraviolet Orb, but he "missed it". Then, after watching LF and Radioton fight, he scurried away to the next area in the Moon World.

It may appear in Kiddy Stoppers: The Movie.

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