Ztarragus's Island Redrawn

Ztarragus's Island as it appeared in Return to Ztarragus's Island

Ztarragus's Island is an island that was made by a being called Ztarragus and it is also the main setting for the specials Ztarragus's Island and Return to Ztarragus's Island. It is located somewhere in Planet Bomber and has five different kinds of areas. Those five areas are: Starball Fields, Ztarragus's Secret Maze, Dark Desert Gold, Gold Mountain and Golden-Ro. In Ztarragus's Island, Mario and his friends had to come here and collect all the Ztars and a Super Ztar to fight and defeat Ztarragus, and in Return to Ztarragus's Island, they had to collect 6 pieces of the Celestal Stars to free Starragus from his rock, who merged back with Ztarragus to create Celestius the Chaos Star, who told Bomberman and everyone else to go to the Celestial Tower of Chaos, which was opened with a key given to Mario by the Blood Chomp, where Bomberman and everyone else got the Chaos Stars. Then Bomberman battled Celestius and won, leaving the Island in peace, and also being renamed to "Starball Island" in rule of the Starball King.                                                        


  • Ztarragus's Island was inspired by the Subspace Bomb Factory from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.     
  • The theme for the island is from Super Mario RPG.
  • There is a X Dimension called Ztarragus's Island X.


Ztarragus's Island -Trailer08:06

Ztarragus's Island -Trailer

Ztarragus's Island trailer.

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