Mariofan14 pic


Mariofan14 is a YouTube Ranger who joined YTR in 2012. He was absent during most of 2013, but returned in 2014. He made lots of friends in YTR. Most of YTR calls him by his real name, Zaid, similar ot how YTR calls Royalomg by his first name, Branden. Zaid's known to give ideas to some YTR.

Zaid left YTR in 2014.

His latest appearance in MM54321's videos is Back to the Fourth Dimension Part Three.


4D: Quariofan14 (Part of the Fourth Dimensional Rangers)

Star World: Stariofan14 (Part of the Star World Rangers)

Doppleganger: NafOiram41 (Part of Blooper Stoppers)


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