Yogamoanyo (mostly known as Yoga) is a villain in MM 's bloopers. Yoga was one of the villains in Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle as CandyCao7 and him kidnapped Mario and Luigi. CandyCao7 and Yoga sent out three bosses to guard generators for the Bermuda Triangle. In the end of Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle, Yoga gets flagpoled although in the blooper "B-Phone", it appears Yoga survived and actually had to sit on the castle's pointy statue. Yoga also was a minor youtuber in Ztarragus's Island.

Yoga is also a member of the "Return of Youtube Villains" club.


  • Yoga's appearence is similar to Dark Mario as everything except for his eyes, buttons, sideburns and hat logo are black.
  • Every time he gets tortured by the pointy statue, "The System is Down" from Homestar Runner plays.


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