A Warp Pipe is a pipe that can be used to travel between places. Noticably, some pipes can also be separated but still link. They come in multipule colors, the most common being green. However, they almost always look like a wide green short pole with a ring around it, in an appearance similar to sewer pipes. They can sometimes also travel between dimensions, such as the Return Pipe in Super Paper Mario or the pipes that link around the Dimension Cycle, and in some dimensions the pipes can look differently colored, but can still be used the same way. The pipes in the Star World are blue, and at first appeared without the ring at the top, but rather a replacement that looks more like ice around them, but switched to look more liie the Mushroom Kingdom. Star World Humans can transform into Warp Pipes. They can also go backwards in a dimensional cycle if equiped with a Dimensional Backtravel Diamond.

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