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Wario, Mario and friends (sometimes),Bowser


Igiulaw, Mario and friends (sometimes)

First Appearance

Mario Tennis

Waluigi is a character in MM54321's videos and is often considered brother or just friend of Wario, however, his relation is unknown, even thought he's considered as Wario's brother. He can read Moonogram, as revealed in Episode 3 of The Moon World.

His dopple is Igiulaw. His Star/Moon World counterpart is Lanuwigi, the Moon World Warrior, and MarioMario54321 once claimed that his 4D counterpart is named "Quaterigi".


  • Whether Wario and Waluigi are actual brothers is debated, as info about this subject from offical Mario sources (i.e. Nintnedo) have contradicted each other in the past.
  • He is Luigi's rival
  • It is possible that Mario and Wario are cousins. By extension, this could also mean that Luigi and Waluigi are cousins.
  • Like Wario, Waluigi's name comes from a portmanteau of the Japanese word for evil, "Waru" and Luigi (悪

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