Troll Boo






Youtube Rangers, Enzo

Internet meme:


Troll Boo is a Boo and the nemesis, (sometimes friend), to Enzo . He lives in Blood Moon Mansion and is seen as a normal Boo with a Troll face. He originated in Starman3' s videos, but appeared as the main antagonist of MM's 2012 Halloween special. The Rainboo, the Trollface Vampire Boo and Enzour's "best friend", is much more annoying to people from the first dimension.

He also appeared in Curse of the Invincibility Frames, where he was weaked by Vindimka's attack, and was forced into a Wing Cap Block by Starman3.

The troll boo image was made by DA user Jwebbie81, it can be found here: He never was credited.

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