Time Travel is the event in which one would be able to go to a different point in time, with the use of Time Machines or Rifts. Time Travel however has risk, as you can create a time paradox by altering the past, which would then result in terrible events most of the time. Time Travel can also be avoided, with the use of Time Locks, you can block out time travelers, and nothing can get in or out. OiramOiram12345 once stole the Dark Star X from Bowser's Body, went to the Reverse Dimension to create a Light Star X, then jumped back billions of years ago and fused the two into Star X, in the area a comet would then smash it apart, and create the events of the Doppleganger War, and also Time Locked it to pervent anyone from stopping him. Luigi also converted the clock in Peach's Castle into a Time Machine, which resulted in three terrible paradox timelines.

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