Time 3: The Last Ztar is a sequel to Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Time, SM64 Bloopers: Time 2: Nine Eleven Eleven and the Ztarragus's Island series. In 2012, Bombers stayed at Ztarragus's Island and one went to the cave of the Lightstones and collected 8 Mini Red Stars, and found out the heroes forgot one of the Ztars. He got it and Ztarragus was seperated from Starragus and took over the universe. The heroes sent Starman3 back, being the only one with them who was absent for the adventure. He collected the Ztar and escaped. He ran into MM and gave him the Ztar. They left without CandyCao7 saving the island. When Starman3 came back, the castle still look as if Ztarragus took over. He ran into a new version of MM, who told Starman this was HIS fault!

Time Three The Last Ztar - Part 116:59

Time Three The Last Ztar - Part 1

Part 1

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