Time Two: Nine, Eleven, Eleven is the sequel to Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Time.


Luigi made adjustments to his Time Machine, and Mario rushes over and they go back ten years before to 2001.Mario drives off and crashes into a plane, where 2 terrorists were about to crash the planes into the Twin Towers, when Mario learns their plot, he beats them up, evacuates the plane, and heads back. 2011 changed because he messed with 9/11, so he ends up in the cave, thinking he was sent back to the wrong time,and he encounters King Bob-omb, who MarioMario54321 hired as a Time Police Officer. Mario is warned about Osama Bin Laden's survival, the deaths of the Mario Bros. as revenge, the token over Mushroom Kingdom, the Time Star, which will allow Mario to fix the past, and the terrorist all around. Mario finds the Time Star, he and Luigi fix the 9/11 problem and before they returned to 2011, they had a new problem.The Pokémon, Magnezone, powered the Time Machine. Since Magnezone wasn't invented at the time, the power source was no more. Mario goes to Professor Oak, who tells him about Celebi's time travel ability, so Mario sets out to find the Pokémon. When Mario finds Celebi, Team Rocket takes it and Mario tracks down, and defeats them and the Mario Bros. return to their time after Luigi destroys the Time Machine. In 2011, Celebi drops off the Mario's and travels back to 2001, and Luigi explains the lesson that Mario just went through to him,and Mario hopes God has no mercy on Osama's soul.