Mario, staring at the waterfall next to the castle.

The Secret of the Waterfall is one of MM54321's two-part videos.They make up his 4th and 5th videos on YouTube.


Part 1:

One day Mario wanders where the water of the waterfall near Peach's castle comes from. He says he knows that it comes from the Cavern of The Metal Cap but decides to go further. He leaps up the waterfall and makes his way up the Cavern of The Metal Cap to find himself in a mountain in the sky. He starts to climb up the mountain and finds a cave behind a small waterfall. Extremely curious, Mario venutres into the cave. Mario then finds himself in a underground river and after exploring for a short amount of time, finds some treasure chests and finds a silver star which are worth nothing. He then finds a cannon and instead if falling in he finds a secret slide and is told he will win another real star if he get to the end with a time that is under 21 seconds. Mario does well on the slide until there is a sharp curve in the slide which he falls off of.

Part 2:


Throughout the video, Mario breaks the fourth wall by constanly telling Lakitu to fix the camera of the game screen.

It is MarioMario54321's first two part video.

Characters: Mario, MM54321, Lakitu, the Monkey, and Goombas

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