SM64 Star Road-6
The Great Crown




4D counterparts, Mario and his friends,5D counterparts.


Dimentio and his minions

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The Great Crown (true name Crownux) is a world in The Fourth Dimension (and a 5D version of Skelux). Legend says that no one ever went into the Great Crown and also that there is a world beyond it. We don't know what world it is, but it's recent words were (5 is real). Schm2000's hypothesis was that there is a 5th Dimension linked to The Fourth Dimension . There are multiple names to the 5th Dimension in the hypothesis: The Crown Dimension , The Fifth Dimension, Unknown Dimension, or The Hidden Dimension. Only the Great Crown knows if this is true or not. Crownux currently guards the Multi-Dimensional Road.

In a video MM54321 made called 5 Is Real: The Secret of the Fourth Dimension! The Great Crown revealed his true name, Crownux. He is the creator of the fourth dimension, and will promote anyone with all five Crown Stars to King of all Dimensions, such as Mario.