The Element Stars

Luigifan's Elemental Stars

The Elemental Stars are three stars from a series by LuigiFan54321. They used to belong to LuigiFan54321, but he then gave them to Starman3. They are the Fire Star, Ice Star and Thunder Star.

LuigiFan54321 used to turn into:

Fire LuigiFan54321 (Fire Star)

Water LuigiFan54321 (Water Star)

Thunder LuigiFan54321 (Thunder Star)

Chaos LuigiFan54321 (All 3 Element Stars)

But now Starman3 uses them to turn into:

Fire Starman3 (Nova Star)

Starman3's Elemental Stars

Ice Starman3 (Wind Star)

Lightning Starman3 (Lightning Star)

Super Starman3 (All 3 Element Stars)

MM54321 also has Elemental Stars:

Terra MM54321 (Terra Star)

Artic MM54321 (Artic Star)

Storm MM54321 (Storm Star)

Supreme MM54321 (All 3 Element Stars)

LuigiFan Told MM54321, Use it With Great Responsiblity!

MarioMario54321 Was Surprised that it could change everything into a NEW Adventure That Starman3 Can join With His elemental Stars!

(Notice: It won't happen in INTO THE FOURTH DIMENSION! Because that movie is actually in the past before this Event Happens!)

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