A promotional image of Mario in the Moon World, now destroyed and ruled by Novuscurous.

The Dark Moon World is the sequel to The Moon World. It takes place in a dark and corrupted version of the Moon World. In the sequel, Mario and his friends realize that Novuscurous came back and used his dark moon power to destroy and take over the Moon World, and now Mario and his friends must find Novuscurous and defeat him once and for all. Later, it turns out that Novuscurous isn't behind this and a mysterious enemy named Zaether put a time wormhole to teleport to how the Moon World was in the past. Zaether torments Mario with flashes of light. Mario wakes up with Luigi, MarioMario54321, Starman3, Bombermoon and Moonlow. Nobody knew who Zaether was. Later, Bombermoon figured out the door to the original Moon World. They showed Dark Bombermoon, Crudelow the looks of the Moon World today. Later, they realize they are the ones who defeated Novuscurous and got mad and went to the Dark Moon World wormhole. Stario, Moonlow, Bombermoon feel a little bit sad.

Cosmicalitaurus appeared and said he would try his best to protect the Star World from Zaether. When they are back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario feels a little bit sad for not defeating Zaether. Starman3 said that we will be ready to defeat him.


  • The texture pack for Back to the Fourth Dimension contained two textures not seen in the series that foreshadowed The Moon World: Extreme Edition. The two textures are of two characters that will be seen in the series.

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