The Cosmic Crystals II: Mastar's Revenge

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The Cosmic Crystals

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Merry Christmas, MarioMario54321!





The Cosmic Crystals II: Mastar's Revenge is the second Cosmic Crystals movie, it was made in 2008. It viewed that Mastar was back and was returned with a new plan, which was to send the Mastar's comet toward the Star World and wipe out everything and everyone there. After Stario got to know that, he told it to Mario and asked him for help. Mario, Luigi, MarioMario54321, LuigiLuigi09876, and all their friends then headed over to the Star World, to foil Mastar's plan and save the Star World for the second time, by collecting all the 105 Cosmic Crystals. The Cosmic Crystals II: Mastar's Revenge is also one of the major movies of MarioMario54321. In this movie, it is also revealed that Rock's name is Rockolanius Crystamus Starragus (or Rocko for short), who was later revealed to be Starragus in Return to Ztarragus's Island. The finale was one of MM54321's last videos to be edited with Window's Movie Maker; the next one (333: Lucky 3's) used Sony Vegas, which was used from there on.

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