Super Roblox Galaxy is a movie series that MM54321 made. It involves Mario getting pieces of the Z-GEM to stop Ganondorf and Bowser from conquering everything with the power of Zordin's Commet. As you can guess by the title, this was filmed on ROBLOX instead of Project 64.

Plot summary: After link sends notes to both Mario and MM, they go out to find stars to acquire the pieces of the Z-GEM (each piece is made of 7 stars) so they can keep it out of evil hands. Mario finds the first piece in parts: 1-3 in the "Green Planet Galaxy" (even fighting Bomberman's Doppelganger somehow). However, Bowser and Ganondorf acquired assistance from ROYV. The second piece was acquired in parts 4 and 5 in "New Leaf Galaxy", "Dusky Oblivion Galaxy", and "Boiling Rock Galaxy". The third piece was acquired in parts 6 and 7 in "New Tree Galaxy", "Crazy Cloud Galaxy", and "Sandy Spire Galaxy". The fourth piece was acquired in both halves of part 8 in "Melty Molten Obby Course Galaxy" after link fought Crazy and Master Hand, as it was hidden there by TylerMcBride for mario to find. The fith piece was acquired at the end of part 8's second half by the ROYV member "PocketLint60". In part 9, ROYV learns of and fights ROYH. However, Zordin's Commet has arrived. During Mario's fight with Bowser, he stole the Z-pieces to form the Z-GEM, which is reclaimed by Zordin, who punishes Bowser, Ganondorf, and ROYV.

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