SuperEmiga in ROYT

SuperEmiga in Rise Of Youtube

SuperEmiga is a YouTuber who dislikes Starman3. His first appearance was in late 2011.

Likes: EmigasFist and anyone who is against Starman3.

Hates: YTR and mostly Starman3, Patrick Beal

Clan: Death Trappers, Emiga gang, Anti-Starman3 Camp

He used to hate MM54321 and Musthast0 on Youtube back in 2011-2013, but now hates Starman3, after JakobTheCool867 uploaded The Truth about Starman3, which had people side with him, to fight their common enemy Starman3. His first account was called SuperEmigaII. Around that time, someone named ChrisGamer1992 once was his best friend. Later, SuperEmiga's account, SuperEmigaII, got banned. But in summer of 2012 Emiga got a new friend called EmigasFist. Chrisgamer1992 claims he no longer is on Emiga's side and no longer hates MarioMario54321, and his old account still exists, but he made a new account called 1992ChrisGamer. SuperEmiga continued making accounts, but they kept getting banned. SuperEmiga then fought this guy Musthast0, who came to defend people that were fighting Emiga gang. However in late August of 2013, one of SuperEmiga's haters, JakobTheCool867 made "The Truth about Starman3" video, which had people siding with Emiga, to fight Starman3, due to his recent behaivor, in abusing his YTR members. His current main Youtube account is named SuperEmiga.


SuperEmiga is a YouTuber, and was formerly known to to attack people he decides as immature. However, he is now working together with the people in the SM64 community to fight Starman3. Emiga formerly hated the people in the SM64 community, but, because of the "Ware Wars" he no longer has as much hatred as he did. His kinder personality includes befriending people who join him easily, and has become an ally to his haters, in his quest to stop Starman3. He also is nice when you get to know him, and act more mature. However SuperEmiga can act aggresive to people who act really immature, annoying, and tend to rage in caps.

Colour Code

8107EC20 8080

8107EC22 FF00

8107EC24 8080

8107EC26 FF00

8107EC28 8080

8107EC2A FF00

8107EC2C 8080

8107EC2E FF00

8107EC38 00FF

8107EC3A 4000

8107EC3C 00FF

8107EC3E 4000

8107EC40 00FF

8107EC42 4000

8107EC44 00FF

8107EC46 4000

8107EC50 0040

8107EC52 0000

8107EC54 0040

8107EC56 0000

8107EC58 0040

8107EC5A 0000

8107EC5C 0040

8107EC5E 0000

8107EC68 FF80

8107EC6A 8000

8107EC6C FF80

8107EC6E 8000

8107EC70 FF80

8107EC72 8000

8107EC74 FF80

8107EC76 8000

8107EC80 4000

8107EC82 8000

8107EC84 4000

8107EC86 8000

8107EC88 4000

8107EC8A 8000

8107EC8C 4000

8107EC8E 8000

8107EC98 8040

8107EC9A 4000

8107EC9C 8040

8107EC9E 4000

8107ECA0 8040

8107ECA2 4000

8107ECA4 8040

8107ECA6 4000