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Dark Star X, Dimentio

First Appearance:

Into the Fourth Dimension

StarioStario54321 is the Star World counterpart of MarioMario54321, and, as expected, resides in the Star World. As told in the video Into the Fourth Dimension, we can tell the SS54321 has done adventures similar to MM54321. SS54321 has probably been through the cookie adventure with Starly for all we know. Not much is known about SS54321, but as we learn more, we will add on to this page.

StarioStario54321 appeared again after MarioMario54321 became Mr. Mx2, when Mario became Mr. M, and when Mario used the Mega D-Star to destroy Dimension D. He and Stario talked about how Mario and his friends saved the Fourth Dimension and all other dimensions

Stario (left) and StarioStario54321 (right) talking with each other.

Other Counterparts


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