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Dimentio, Zythurvion, anyone who tries to destroy the Star World

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Stario is Mario's Star World Counterpart. He also has Friends like Starigi (His brother), StarioStario54321, StarigiStarigi09876, Starly, StarigiFan54321, Starworldman3, StarigiGame2, StarioSuperSoda, StarioGame2222, Stariofan14, and the others. He appeared as a friend to the heroes from the Mushroom Kingdom in The Cosmic Crystals series and Into the Fourth Dimension. He told the heroes about other. dimensions and counterparts. Mastar, Cosmicalitaurus and Zythurvion are counterparts of Bowser and Stario is not able to defeat them, but Mario is able to, so he was able to send out the Cosmic Crystals for Mario's help. He lives in The Star World.

He made a brief appearance in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X, as one of the many people who rooted for MarioMario54321 to defeat OiramOiram12345. According to the comments section of The Moon World, his doppelganger who he defeated offscreen was named "Ztario". He also made an appearance in Into The Fourth Dimension, along with his other friends. He is exactly identical to each of the Star world counterparts. He also appeared in the Moon World series, where he told the heroes about the legends of the Moon World and got sent there to help the heroes as a punishment from Cosmicalitaurus. 

Likes: His Star World, Mario and Friends

Dislikes: Anyone who tries to destroy the Star World (Mastar, Cosmitalitaurus, and Zythurvion)