Starball King
The Starball King




Ztarragus's minions, Red Starballs


Starragus, Bomberman and his friends, Mario and his friends, Blue Starballs

First Appearance

Ztarragus's Island

Starball King is the king of the Starball Fields, and the ruler of Red Starballs. He is the Ztarragus's Island counter-part of King Bob-omb.


Starball King lives on The Starball Fields in Ztarragus's Island. He replaces King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64. He has appeared in the movies Ztarragus's Island and Return to Ztarragus's Island. When he was defeated for the first time, he gave a Ztar, and the second time, he gave one of six Celestial Star Shards.

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