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Dimentio, Cosmicalitaurus, Zythurvion, (Cosmicalitaurus and Zythurvion being former enemies) Novuscurous

First Appearance

Star World series

"So you come from the Star World?"

- Mario meeting Stario for the first time in TCC.

Star World Humans (conjecture name) were a race that live in the Star World. They seem wise and peaceful, however, they can also be evil if they are counterparts of evil humans. A note is that Star World Humans have a cyan color, but are dark blue if cursed. They are guardians of the Star World, living inside their castle. They look identical, and their only differences are slightly different personalities and names, as with the cursed humans.

Knowledge about dimensions

Star world humans have a wide array of knowledge about their dimension and the other dimensions neighbouring theirs. This makes them a capable ally to the heroes. They reside in the Star World, living and guarding in their castle. It seems they have explored many dimensions to gain so much knowledge outside their own world. They have access to knowledge of the Four Dimensions and the other dimensions surrounding them. It is unknown if they explored these dimensions to gain this information.


An entity named Cosmicalitaurus attempted to take over Star World multiple times, being defended by Star World Humans. As he was sealed, he made an order for an evil being. Then there a dangerous foe named Mastar, who tried to shroud the Star World in darkness with his 11 friends, only to be defeated by the heroes. There was a legend of a city from Star World, with a sacred treasure inside it. The treasure was only a trap to reopening the evil cosmic being Cosmicalosaurus. He was defeated once again. They were helped by being associated with an alien warrior named Geminon. Geminon's past defended the Star World from being torn apart by a battle between Cosmicalosaurus and Novuscurous, another being from the famed Moon World, a common legend upon the cyan humans. They helped Geminon and the heroes to stop Zythurvion from attacking the Star World, fending him off. Their Moon World legends soon came to be true, with the discovery of new beings such as Moonlow, Bombermoon, Moonbas, Wthomps, and an old enemy, Novuscurous.


Cyan Star World Humans are allies of the heroes.

Cyan Star World Human.

Blue Star World Humans, also known as Cursed Star World Humans, are allies of the villains.

A Blue Star World Human.

Notable Star World Humans


  • Star World Humans could be considered 2D Counterparts, though they have never been referred to like this.