Star World Map

A map of the Star World.

The Star World is an alternate dimensional version of our own dimension and is the second dimension in the circle of dimensions. It has been terrorized by Mastar, Cosmitalitaurus,Zythurvion and Novuscurous, Star World Counterparts of Bowser. It is inhabited by Star World counterparts like, Stario, Starigi, StarioStario54321, StarigiFan54321, Starly, StarWorldMan3, StarioSuperSoda, StarigiGame2, and Stariofan14. It is home to the Star World Castle that resembles Princess Peach's Castle. The Star World is also identical to MarioMario54321's Super Mario Galaxy 64 Texture Pack.

It is revealed in MarioMario54321's series The Moon World that the moon on the Star World map is the moon world and by Dimension Law, The Mushroom Kingdom has an Identical Map.

Its extra dimensional plane can not only be accessed by a secret blue pipe from Peach's Castle, but also from Dinosaur Land, Although this Star World might not be the same one that the Star World Humans inhabit.


  • On the map (shown above), all colors of the rainbow are shown except for orange. Other colors such as black, white, brown, and grey appear as well.
  • This is the first alternate dimension in MM's videos, and is a recon.