Shark Plant

Shark Plant Pond.

Shark Plant Pond is a stage in the Fourth Dimension , It has many structures, including caves, towers and trees. It is the home to a several Shark Plants. It is also the place where Deno, Cotallow and Dowser are first seen. It also has some D-Stars.

D-Stars Collected

  • Top of a tower: Collected by Youtuber DoopleFrozin
  • Other D-Star on Tower: Collected by superstarxalien169
  • 8 red coins: Collected by Oscarm00
  • Inside a tower: Collected by Oathkeeper247
  • Platforming after going underwater: Attempted by SuperSpikeEmerald, but had to wait until Metal Cap switch was pressed
  • 100 coins: Collected by marioloveskirby
  • Use Blue Owl to reach the top of another tower: Collected by MarioMario761

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