Seizore (Rainbowtastic Spirit)


Lanu Spirit


Lanuwigi (formerly), Novuscurous, other Lanu Spirits


Mario and his friends, Star World Humans, Cosmicalitaurus, Kiddy Stoppers,Lanuwigi

First Appearance

The Moon World

"YOU! You dare to stand in our way? I have just been freed!"


Seizore is the name of Novuscurous's first spirit. He was the one who caused the Rainbowtastic flashes during the Lunar Eclipses in the Mushroom Kingdom. He is trapped within a Lanu Orb, called the Rainbowtastic Orb. When Lanuwigi threw the orb at LuigiLuigi09876, he acted as a vessel for Seizore and Seizore got control over his body. MarioMario54321 then had to fight out Seizore (who was within LL09876) to get LL09876 back to normal.

It's confirmed that when LuigiLuigi09876 was possessed, StarigiStarigi09876, FourigiFourigi09876, and FifuigiFifuigi09876 went unconscious.

He later appeared in Ep. 9 in his true form. In Episode 10, MarioMario54321 falsely surrendered to trick the Lanu Spirits into making another Rainbowtastic Eclipse to make Seizore more powerful just so Starman3 can deflect one of Invort's attacks right at the eclipse to make it a Solar Eclipse, which allows access to the prison of the Containment Orb, Solar Eclipse Island. After Luigi defeated Novuscurous, he, along with the eight others, were trapped in the Containment Orb.

He is also set to appear in Kiddy Stoppers: The Movie and will possess iJosh64, but lose to DylanDylan54321.


Sprite of Seizore in LuigiLuigi09876

Seizore the feezore

Seizore in LuigiLuigi09876 encountering MarioMario54321

Seizore (with Green Screen error)

Seizore in LuigiLuigi09876 fighting MarioMario54321 (With a greenscreening error).

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