Luigi explores Safari forest.

Safari forest is a stage in the Fourth Dimension. It is the home of the aggressive Blowiggler.

Safari Forest can be described as a lush, green forest, with plently of different types of plants. It is said that the forest is smaller than before, and that certainly would've been the fault of Bob-omberman.    


  • Defeating the Blowiggler: Collected by Luigi
  • At the top of a tree: Collected by MultiMarioPower
  • Above a flower on water: Collected by shadowsworld501
  • In a beehive: Collected by DragonBallZKai5
  • 100 coins: Collected by lucariokiddo
  • 8 red coins: Collected by jamalioHabbo14
  • In the tree root: Collected by TheHbkfan67

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