Super Mario 64 Machinimas are videos, with stories, a plot or else good effects, which are made with Super Mario 64.

There are also Super Mario 64 Bloopers, which are supposed to be funny in a way and have no storyline at all.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers are erroneously not considered Machinimas. Megaman765 and ShadowMario64, the creators of SM64 Machinimas and Bloopers said they were different things, and that, Bloopers are not Machinimas. That statement is wrong, as both Bloopers and Machinimas are videos made using video games, therefore Bloopers are machinimas.

Machinimist List

Major Machinimists

These people started the SM64 Machinima sensation as we know it today.

  • ShadowMario64 - The founder of SM64 machinima, this guy was the first one to ever make an SM64 machinima.
  • Megaman765 - The founder of SM64 Bloopers.
  • Fleskhjerta - The second founding father of the SM64 Bloopers.
  • MATTHEWGU4 - Famous for his "Super Mario 64: Sibling Rivalry" series.
  • Chancer4Ever - Probably the best machinimist ever, though he retired and deleted all his videos when he had around 1.5 - 2 thousand subscribers. He attempted to re-upload his videos, but only managed to upload seven videos of his first series (Super Mario: DoomsDay), two versions of his War on FireRikku, a trailer for The Real World, a few shorts called "Marios Shenanigans", and a fight scene for SM: DoomsDay Episode 9. The channel he originally uploaded his videos on is now linked with his Google+ account, so it's now Chance McMichael.
  • MarioMario54321 - A machinimist with more fanboys than he can keep up with and hundreds of videos
  • SuperMarioGlitchy4 - Not really a Machinimist but makes SM64 Bloopers. He is famous in the SM64 community for reaching the seemingly impossible goal of 1,000,000 (And still going strong) subs.
  • ACDCGAMER - Famous for his "Super Mario: Dark Omen" Series.

Popular Machinimists

  • VideoGameGuy101

Minor/Underrated Machinimists

  • MjacobBarker (underrated)
  • LuigiFan54321 (underrated)
  • BlittleMcNilsen (minor)
  • MarioMario66666 (a little bit of both)
  • MarioGame2222 (underrated)
  • SuperDanielLogan1
  • MarioMario753 (a little bit of both)
  • BedrockPerson :D (minor)
  • jediwarriormike (rather minor)

Other Machinimists

  • Schm2000
  • LuigiFan383
  • Musthasto
  • Yayazura7762
  • SuperBluey2749
  • Chillius03
  • CandyMario571
  • Jokester94n
  • Tomato3456
  • Supamario18
  • NintendoMac4321
  • And Many More

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