Rainbow Starship

The Rainbow Starship

The Rainbow Starship is the Ship that Geminon and the others use to get the Zyther Crystals and enter Zythurvia to defeat Zythurvion. Its cockpit has three windows for viewing outside to see where they are. The ship has a rainbow coloration, which is fitting for the Star World. It can travel at immense speeds to different planets. It can carry many people at once, and is the most commonly seen form of transformation in Zythurvia.


The Rainbow Starship was built centuries ago after Geminon defeated Zythurvion and centuries B.C. It was later used by Mario, Luigi, Geminon, MM and the YTR to stop Zythurvion and visit all the worlds on the map to Zythurvia.

Behind the Scenes

The Rainbow Starship first appeared in The Cosmic Crystals IV: Zythurvia, and appears in the design of the Starship Enterprise from the Star Trek series, albitt colored rainbow. In MarioMario54321's Behind the Scenes video, it was revealed he used the Cool, Cool Mountain room for Captain's Log scenes.