Radioton (Ultraviolet Spirit)


Lanu Spirit


Novuscurous, Lanuwigi(temporary), Lanu Spirits


Mario and his friends, Star World Humans, Cosmicalitaurus, Kiddy Stoppers,Lanuwigi

First Appearance

The Moon World

"Oh yes!! Your friend is now under my corruption control!" -Radioton

Radioton is Novuscurous' third Lanu Spirit, and is powered by Ultraviolet Crystals. He is trapped in the Ultraviolet Orb, and corrupted TheCaptain64000 when Lanuwigi threw the Orb at him. He was fought by LuigiFan54321 and ended up getting defeated. He has appeared in MM's The Moon World series.

He later appears in part 9 in his true form.

He's set to appear in Kiddy Stoppers: The Movie and will corrupt KirbyRider1337. He will battle Yayazura7762 and Mariofan14 along with Optimismo (Who corrupted DylanDylan54321 at the time).

Radioton in Captain64000


  • He apparently has a radio in his nonexistant car.
  • Radioton's true form is a recolor of the Blood Ghost from Find Mii (StreetPass Quest in PAL version)

    Radioton sprite, in Captain64000

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