RŌBLOX is a Online Virtual Building World Where you Play Games and Build and Script stuff. In this game, you can do anything. You can build cars, boats, and other great things. The greatest thing about it-- IT'S FREE! Unless you use a

Builder's Club rank, that is.

You Buy Hats, Shirts and Pants, Bodies, etc
MarioMario54321's Very First Roblox Bloopers! -Episode 106:51

MarioMario54321's Very First Roblox Bloopers! -Episode 1

MarioMario54321's first ROBLOX video.

There are 3 Builder clubs:

Builder Clubs

Turbo Builder Club

And Outrageous Builder Club (Where Youtube Rangers Are Actually using it!)


  • MarioMario54321 quit Roblox twice: The first was without warning and was over by Mid-2012, despite Jacobthehero2007 and Prinplup14 giving him 12 Months OBC.
  • He made a shirt and pants for Jacobthehero2007
  • He quit again in mid-April 2013 due to having a life outside Roblox.

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