Quarradarra Canyon is a region in the Fourth Dimension. NintendoGamer54321 discovered it, and the first D-Coin collected, which was in this area. It has a pyramid and a ribcage bridge. It has some sort of connection to the Quarradarra Slide.

shurikenrocks has entered Quarradarra Canyon


  • Atop the Pyramid: Collected by NintendoGamer54321
  • Race Roopa the Rapid: Collected by shurikenrocks
  • Inside the pyramid: Collected by Latiosboy5
  • 8 red coins: Collected by 434pizza
  • 100 coins: Collected by blockmariolink42
  • Atop a hill: Collected by Mario3573Z
  • On platforms with Vamps and Quicksand: Collected by PMovies97

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