Many of the 151 original Pokémon

This is is the page for the species. If you are looking for the game series, look here.

Pokémon are mysterious creatures that inhabit the Pokémon world. There are currently 718 species, each of one or two of 18 elemental types, and there are apparantly more to be discovered. They're known to have special powers, such as being able to manipulate fire, water, electricity, and other elements. There are still many mysteries about Pokémon, such as their origin. Their are various researchers, such as Prof. Oak, Prof. Birch or Prof. Juniper, who dedicate their lives to researching these mysterious creatures.

Appearances in bloopers

Some Pokémon appear in MarioMario54321's videos, such as Celebi and Magnezone, both of which appeared in "Time 2: Nine Eleven Eleven". A Meloetta also appears in the Fourth Dimension, although this Meloetta is not classified as a Pokémon there.

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