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Pinkolol16 is a girl from Australia who makes SM64 Bloopers as well as other stuff. She was also a member of the YTR and has appeared in other's series, including videos made by Starman3, MarioMario54321 and SuperMarioGlitchy4.

She first came to the community after leaving the Sonic News Network due to an event she latter compared to MM's at Lemmy's Land, and while searching the internet, found SMG4's video "The Pink Problem" .


In Starman3's Blooper 44, she met her 4D counterpart, Pinkolol14. She also helped in other adventures, which her and many others described to various results.

In MM's videos, she debuted in Back to the Fourth Dimension when the main protagonists entered King Boocula's Mansion. She lead them to the pipe where King Boocula was after Luigi had just received the Poltergust 4000 and offered them support by stepping on the Vanish Cap switch.

She later appeared when some YouTubers were getting C-Stars and repeatedly shouted at them to not Moon Jump and to do things legit, even though it was easier . This caused one fan in Shark Plant Swamp to reference this to poke at her face.

When all the C-Star collecting was over, she was glad that it was, due to being annoyed by it.

She later appeared in MarioMario54321's 2014 Christmas special along with Lance (Marhfg)as a cameo at the end, who both wanted to join the Christmas party feast and was part of the photo before the video ended.

She also appeared in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: MM 2.0 , where she criticised MM's video editing and story making and accidently caused him to run out. She later saw MM 2.0 replace MM, as a joke of his own name, and began making life hard, until everybody was annoyed and mad. MM burst in and defeated him, however, it was revealed it was all an attempt by MM 2.0 to get MM inspired to make new content, and told Pink and the others after asking for an apology.


SW Counterpart: Starolol16

4D Counterpart: Pinkolol14

Doppelganger: Redororu61 (in Dimension X)


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