Petey Piranha


Piranha Plant


Koopa Troop, Shroobs (Formerly), sometimes the Mushroom Kingdom


Mario, the Mushroom Kingdom, YTR

First Appearance

Super Mario Sunshine

Petey Piranha is a large Piranha Plant with petals on his head, and polka dotted underwear, and is an antagonist in the Super Mario video games, sometimes playable in Mario Kart and Mario Tennis and other sport games.

He originally worked for the Shroobs, (possibly meaning why he's mutated), when they took over the Mushroom Kingdom, and was used to execute people such as Princess Peach and Kylie Koopa, but they both survived. He later appeared decades later serving Bowser and the Koopa Troop, but was defeated on the first few times Mario fought him, and even attended sports games as a playable character.

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