Orromp King
Orromp king




Dimentio's minions


4D counterparts, SM64 machinima makers, Mario and Luigi

First Appearance


The Orromp king was a boss in the fourth dimension. He appeared in Orromp's Fortress, and had been defeated by Luigi by being hit in the back. He is the 4D counterpart of Whomp King, and an unusually large version of the Orromps. He is swifter than the original Whomp King. There is a difference between the appearance of the Whomp king and the Orromp king. The Orromp king has an orange shade to its tongue and eyes, and is also faster, and instead of being defeated by being stomped on 3 times, he needs to be hit 4 times. He is the former leader of the fortress, and was defeated by Luigi.

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