Optomismo (Cosmic Spirit)


Lanu Spirit


Novuscurous, Lanuwigi(temporary), Lanu Spirits


Mario and his friends, Star World Humans, Cosmicalitaurus, Kiddy Stoppers,Lanuwigi

First Appearance

The Moon World

"SILENCE OH SAD ONE!!" -Optimismo

Optimismo is Novuscurous's second Lanu spirit. He is trapped in the Cosmic Orb, and had corrupted LuigiFan54321 when he knocked into it like a "SAD OAF", as Optimismo later calls him. He then fought Starman3, and after a fierce 45 seconds, he was defeated. So far he has appeared in MarioMario54321's The Moon World series

He later appears in part 9 in his true form.

Optimismo in LuigiFan54321 confronting starman3 in The Moon World

He is also set to appear in Kiddy Stoppers: The Movie and will corrupt DylanDylan54321, then going into a tag-team battle with Radioton (KirbyRider1337) against Mariofan14 and Yayazura7762.


  • Optimismo's true form is a recolor of the Blue Ghost from Find Mii (StreetPass Quest in GB)

    Sprite of Optimismo in LuigiFan54321


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