OiramOiram66666 Is A Doppelganger Of MarioMario66666, So Far This Doppleganger's Appearance Was in MM66666 Movies: OiramOiram66666 And 66666OiramOiram, Rainbow World. Nothing Is Known About His Disappearance.

In original appearance he fought MarioMario66666 and was battling with him.


A Screen Shot Of, OiramOiram66666, In MM66666's Movie, Rainbow World


Another One Of MM66666's Doppelganger's

66666OiramOiram's Apearence In MM66666's Movie: The End Of Time

That Appears In "Super Mario 64 - The End Of Time" And "OiramOiram66666 And 66666OiramOiram" He Is Also Know To Have Very Special Powers.


OiramOiram66666 May Make A Re-Appearance, In The Movie, The End Of Time, Or, The End Of Time II

66666OiramOiram Has The Power To Turn In To MarioMario66666

66666OiramOiram Is The Current Doppelgänger (If OiramOiram66666 Returns He Will Be The "Current" Doppel Too)

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