Oiram is Mario's doppleganger and his brother is Igiul.

Likes: Igiul, OiramOiram12345, and the other dopples

Hates: Mario, Luigi,MarioMario54321 and his friends & fans.

He first appeared in Mario Vs. Oiram, where Mario freed him after imprisoning him and then later, he jumped in the pool of metal and Oiram escaped. He saw Mario in the Castle and challenged him to a brawl at The Tower in the Sky and Mario won. In Oiram's Revenge, Oiram returns and loses and tries to stop Mario at even the hardest ways, and took over, until MarioMario54321 time travelled and warned Mario, who wins. Later, his brother appears and posseses both Oiram and his own body yet Mario wins and both are defeated. OiramOiram12345 attacks the castle and takes it over to avenge the Oirams with the Oiraws and his friends. OO eventuly is defeated and then Oiram returns a 4th time and final time and after a wilder aventure Mario wins, then The Dark Star X revives Igiul, but Mario and his friends find out about The Dark Star X and defeats the Oiram Bro, who impersonated LuigiGame2. The dopples come back to defeat the heroes, yet The Dark Star X is stablized and Oiram fades along with the other dopples. He also now lives in the different dimension with his brother Igiul.


  • Oiram's color code is the blue recolor of Mario in Super Smash Bros up until Mario got a different color in Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U.
  • Oiram's name is Mario's spell backwards.
  • Oiram looks similar to Pascow Mario for some reason.

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