Musthasto sprite


Musthasto in action avatar (made by Irham7762)

Musthasto in Paper Mario

Musthasto in Paper Mario (made by LuigiFan383)

Musthasto is a 10 year old guy, and good machinimist from Indonesia. He makes SM64 videos and Minecraft Machinimas. His worst enemy was SuperEmiga, until he realized that they both hate Starman3, and gained an uneasy and dark alliance.

Likes: Yayazura7762, LuigiFan383, Supers250, KerryShenSA, FireMario887, SMG4Fan11, SuperMarioBros99thx, MarioSuperSoda, Mustsapto and many more.

Dislikes: Starman3, Pedophiles, Kiddy-the-dragon (a troll who vandalized MM54321 wiki many times), SuperEmiga, Emigasfist.

Musthasto 16-bit

Musthasto 16-bit

One time the Emiga Gang managed to hack Musthasto's YouTube account, so he made a new account called Musthast0, but his new account got hacked too, but he can still reupload his videos.

Musthasto Wiki

Musthasto has his own wiki. This is the link: