Multi-Dimensional Road

The Multi-Dimensional Castle

The Multi-Dimensional Road can be known as a dimension, a single dimension that is not connected to any other one, just like Dimension X. It resembles a negatively colored version of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The difference of this dimension is that when you're in you can go to any other dimension! such as Mushroom Kingdom, Star World, Star Road , Fourth Dimension, Crown Dimension and more.

But it is Confirmed That Some of Crown Dimension Counterparts are protecting MDR from Evil that might need it too take over other dimensions.

The Multi-Dimensional Road Counterparts are:








Dimension List

This list shows which doors go where.


  • The idea of the Multi-Dimensional Road was made by MarioMario761.

Other Info

You can see the first appearance of the Multi-Dimensional Castle on Blooper 40 Part 9 mostly made by MarioMario761 but also made by Starman3.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers 40 Part 9 - The Beginning Of The End Part 224:52

Super Mario 64 Bloopers 40 Part 9 - The Beginning Of The End Part 2

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