Mr. LL

Mr. LL in Super Paper Mario style (credit to LuigiFan383 for making this amazing picture! :D)

Mr. LL is LuigiLuigi573's brainwashed alter-ego. He is also known as the Lime Bolt.


Mr. L

Mr. M

Mr. Mx2

Mr. B

Mr. 2222

Mr. T2H


YouTube Rangers


He has appeared in a Sneak Peak of Super Mario: Umbreon and the Invasion and was shown punching Mario. He did not have a mask, though the scene will be redone with his mask. He is also due to appear in the third arc of Super Mario: Onslaught as an ally of Grodus and the X-Nauts.


- His name is not "Mr. Lx2" because that would be LuigiLuigi09876's brainwashed form

- LuigiLuigi573 had a weird dream once, where Mr. M and Mr. Mx2 brought him to Dimentio, who brainwashed him and LL573 actually to get brainwashed in his dream

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