Mr. 2222

Mr. 2222, in the North Pole

Star Bros vs. Mr. 2222

The Star Bros. battle Mr. 2222 (Mr.2222 is the one on the left, Star Bros on the right)

Mr. 2222 is the brainwashed form of MarioGame2222 and only appeared in MarioGame2222's Merry Christmas Parts 5 and 6, as a partner to Mr. B. In the end, MarioMario761 and FightingMario54321 "beat the darkness out of them". Mr. 2222 also appeared in The Story of Starnux by MarioGame2222. In TSOS Part 6, Mr. 2222 appeared alongside Mr. MM, who is the brainwashed form of MarioMario753. MarioMario54321 and Starman3 defeated them at the beginning of TSOS Part 7. 

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