A Moon Tablet is a object found in the Moon World It is used to find Lanu Orbs, and is found in the Rainbowtastic Desert. After Seizore's defeat and the retrieval of the Rainbowtastic Orb, Mario and friends used it to find the other nine Lanu Orbs: The Cosmic Orb, the Ultraviolet Orb, the Crystal Orb, the Reversal Orb, the Star Orb, the Moon Orb, the Light Orb, the Dark Orb and the Containment Orb. It also shows the heroes how to read and speak with the alphabet of Moonogram.

The Moon Tablet could not reveal the exact locations of the Moon Orb, Light Orb or Dark Orb because of those orbs being too powerful for the tablet to be able to reveal their exact locations, yet it was able to reveal where they were. Also, it revealed the two locations of the Light and Dark Orbs at the same time.

Under Novuscurous's command, Lanuwigi stole a part of it which said:


Never unite the nine powers out of their banishment, or they shall be unleashed.

Tablet 1

The other piece of the Moon Tablet.


The Moon Tablet.

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