Luigi in Meloetta's Musical Mess.

Meloetta's Musical Mess was an area in The Fourth Dimension. It has many giant instruments levitating in mid-air. It has a several enemies, and has a collection of stars. It is the home to 4D Meloetta and the Naughty Notes. Mario and his friends stopped the Naughty Notes from turning it into a bad state.


  • On a platform reached by being on a Thorromp: Collected by Enzo
  • Use Flute cannon to enter Tuba Slide: Collected by legowoo101
  • Inside a spinning tambouringe: Collected by hermeslao
  • Staff River Jumping: Collected by HylianTimeTraveler
  • 100 coins: Collected by TristanBomber
  • 8 red coins: Collected by MrMmarioLuigi
  • Wing Cap D-Star: Attempted by terminario8000, but had to wait until Wing Cap Switch was pressed

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