MM54321's SM64 Bloopers Mario Jumps The Castle!

MM54321's SM64 Bloopers Mario Jumps The Castle!

Mario Jumps The Castle is MM54321's first video on YouTube, in this Blooper, Mario tries to jump over the castle. The video was uploaded on August 10th, 2007.


Taken from the official video description:

"Mario jumps over the whole Castle for once and he gets the gift of Jesus but on Lava. But there's one thing it's dangerous for. It's also my very first SM64 Bloopers. Hey, if Mario can walk on lava, can he also walk on the ice below the Ice Bully Arena? They both do 3/8 damage."


Mario attempts to jump the castle multiple times, but he remarks that he has tried several times. All of them resulting in failure, Mario however, after saying that, still tries.

  • 1st attempt: Mario jumps, but he jumped a bit too late and ends up in the black room of death, Mario just utters that he is in extreme pain.
  • 2nd attempt: Gets flagpoled by the needle on top of the castle.
  • 776th attempt: Hits the invisible barrier of the castle and passes out.

On his 777th attempt, he makes it over the castle. A mysterious voice from somewhere (which is said to be Jesus) congratulates him on making it and gives him the power to walk on lava. Mario goes to Lethal Lava Land to test this skill and succeeds. He goes in the volcano and goes up a lava waterfall, only to get buttburned in the process. The voice then tells him that he tried to warn him about this. Mario then gets out of the volcano, gets a wing cap and flies away.  


  • Mario
  • Jesus (voice)
  • MIPS
  • Scatman


  • YouTube detected a copyrighted music in the video and so muted the entire video.
  • In Mario's first ever line: "What a beatftiful day!" The word 'beautiful' is misspelled.
  • After Mario remarks that every time he jumped the castle he failed, Mario's skin color and gloves turn orange, the reason for that is unknown.
  • In Mario's 776th attempt, after Mario hits the invisible barrier, he utters "easy squeezy lemon peasys...." The correct line is "Easy squeezy, lemon peasys."
  • None of the Boos move an inch when Mario succeeds jumping over the castle.
  • A little funny bit, but due to YouTube muting the entire video, Mario calling Scatman John to "Hit it!" results in nothing happening.
  • When Mario lands inside the volcano, he says "And the lava here fells like water!" 'fells' is misspelled as it's supposed to be 'feels'.
  • When Mario gets "buttburned", he accidentally says "BUUTBURN!"