Mariostar92's Colour Code.

MarioStar92 Is the One of Youtube Rangers Members

He is An Mario 64 Machinimist

But, He's Pretty much new as you know it.

He Currently working on the series called:

Super Youtube Rangers 64 Bloopers.

(Similar to Starman3's Super Mario 64 Bloopers Series)

But Unfortantly

He was planning to make movie Called OiramZtar29's Final Stand

But He couldn't do it on his new laptop with Windows 7.

So He asked Starman3 to produce the movie for him

So, Starman3 accepted to do it for him After he done with Super YTR 64 bloopers seasons...

In Super Mario 64 Bloopers 41,

MarioStar64 passed out due to his power grown stronger that he can't handle

The Mysterious voice told him about his power and stuff.

so he changed into MarioStar92

Captain64000 and Starman3 were panicking about him dying

but they found out that he didn't die, he just reborn As MarioStar92.

MarioStar92's Power-up:

Fire MarioStar92

Water MarioStar92

Ice MarioStar92

Wind MarioStar92

Lightning MarioStar92

Earth MarioStar92

Rock MarioStar92

Dark MarioStar92

Light MarioStar92

Dimensional MarioStar92

Super Light MarioStar92

He Confirmed that He have Elemental Form Stars In Blooper 41.

More Info About His Storyline will be in MarioStar92's Video.

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