MarioMario54321 and the S.S. MM is the 100th year anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and aired on April, 14th, 2012, and was filmed on ROBLOX.


MarioMario54321 has invited a large ammount of friends and fans to go to set sail on the S.S. MM, a near-perfect replica of the Titanic, which he developed with the help of his squid friend Mr. Tentacles, who, with a large ammount of other squids, went down to give him the desing of the original Titanic, and are trying to set the record of doing thrkugh the same route as the original Titanic was 100 years ago, but arrive successfully, At first the cruise was well, with the numberous YouTubers partying, and MM hoping to honor the victims, and a fan asking how he likes the ocean. MM replies he thinks it's beautiful, then tells the cruise passangers to be cautious not to fall off, after getting a crew and passanger report, he goes to the foyer, where he finds a painting of Queen Elizabeth II, and almost falls off until Mr. Tentacles saved him. He explores the ship, going into the captains room and learning Captain64000 was the captain, looking from a deck at the ocean, and doing the "King of the" World bit at the edge, with many fans also doing so. It started getting dark.

At 11:40 P.M., they approached an iceberg, he order the captain to turn the ship, and Captain64000 just barely manages to get them to the side, scrapping the bottom of the ship in the process. They then stop, and concern about a gas leak. The gas leak occurs and the ship explodes into peices, with everybody just barley flying out and resting on the iceberg. MM then sends Mr. Tentacles into the ocean on his request, then figures a way for them to escape, by flying. They fly around the iceberg until a ship appears to rescue them, and MM then finds Mr. Tentacles again, and they arrive at the port they where aiming at safley, but at  the loss of the ship or the record, and only a handful of people really heard of the event cpompared to other attempts.

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