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MM Universe News

  • KS Movie has been put on hiatus indefinitely.
  • "The Eternal Dark" has been delayed to 2015.

Blocking Rules

1. If you repeatedly rollback the same page over 5 times, after people changed your edit for a reason and requested that you stopped doing it, it can result in a 1-3 day ban.

1.5. Rule 1 does not count if a vandal vandalizes a page, and you have to rollback repeatedly to prevent it from being vandalized.

2. If you want someone to lose certain privileges, you require the confirmation of either 3 admins or the Founder, Rocky.

2.5. If you repeatedly request someone to lose privileges in multiple user talk pages, it can result in a 3-7 day ban.

3. If you vandalize 1 page, including user pages, you can get blocked for 1 month. If you vandalize 2 pages, once again including user pages, you can get blocked for 1 year. If you vandalize 3+ pages, once again user pages, this can result in an infinite block.

3.5. If you edit a user page other than your own to an insulting version, it can result in a week ban. </font>