MarioGame2222, a member of YouTube Rangers, is a YouTuber and appeared in Into The Fourth Dimension, as well as MarioMario54321's 2012 Christmas Special, his 5 Is Real explanation video and the Moon World series. MarioGame2222 has unfortunately quit SM64 Machinima on September 9, 2013.

Role in Into the Fourth Dimension

MarioGame2222 was introduced by telling MarioMario54321 and his friends about the -20 Trick, which is an better version of Starman3's ADMA Trick. After that, he didn't reappear until the group moved up to the final floor of the 4D Tower. His 4D Counterpart, QuarioGame4444, guided the group until everybody moved up to the Dimensional Road. He also was present during the group was on Rainbow Rainmoon. After all D-Stars were collected, and Mario and friends confronted Dimentio, he helped everybody taking down Dimentio.

Role in The Moon World

In the Moon World, he sneaks into the Moon World without anyone noticing, continuously attempting to get a Lanu Orb, and, surprisingly, manages to keep himself hidden. Unfortunately, the others beat him to these Lanu Orbs, so he decides to go to a beach, where he meets Moonlow. He also goes to a forest region and meets Bombermoon. Later, he met up with the heroes, bringing Bombermoon with him. While he wasn't involved with any Lanu Orb collecting afterwards, he faced Balck's true form, but Balck darkens everything with his power.


  • Fourth Dimension Counterpart: QuarioGame4444
  • Star World Counterpart: StarioGame2222
  • Multi-Dimensional Road Counterpart: QuinarioGame5555


  • His clothes are a lighter version of LuigiGame2 (except for his gloves, which are black where LuigiGame2's are gray, therefore darker).

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