Shadowrattata Gsf Contest vid Won 2nd Place05:17

Shadowrattata Gsf Contest vid Won 2nd Place

Marhfg banner

Banner by shadowrattata

Marhfg is a Machinamist/Bloopers maker.

His main machimas are Super Mario heroes (inactive)

Super mario 64 Gods (Inactive)

Super mario 64 Dimensional Heros (active)

Super mario 64 Space corps (active)

Super Mario 64 The Total Annihilation (very active)

About Marhfg

He's Very talented at making greenscreen fightscenes as he made 2nd place in shadowrattatas gsf contest below trpsnow. as show in the video box. He's a Youtube Ranger now, and appeared in The Moon of Ender, MM54321's 2013 Halloween Special.

He also created the Green screen fight scene for MarioMario54321 in Back to the fourth dimension Part 3.

Current videos that are being worked on.

Sm64 Dimensional Heros episode 6.

Sm64 Space Corps episode 4

Sm64 The Total Annihilation 

Sm64 Unleashed Darkness 

currently in

Sm64 The Total Annihilation

Sm64 Dimensional Heros

Sm64 SPCPs (Space Corps)

A simple Greenscreen fight00:35

A simple Greenscreen fight.

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