MM 2.0 was a video released by MarioMario54321 on March 24th, 2015. It was the first video of 2015, and has about 17,800 views, 216 likes, and 16 dislikes.


MarioMario5321 creates a video called "Mowai and the Rock Candy Shards." Mario, Luigi, Starman3, Enzo, and Pinkolo16, say his video was bad, and that he needs to step up his videos. MM54321 leaves, and MarioMario24680 claims he is "MM 2.0," and makes Mario and Co play minigames. Meanwhile, MM54321 goes to Lemmy's Land, and finds it's been abandoned. MM 2.0 does several bad bloopers, including one where Pac-Man eats Mario, and a rip-off of "Mario Jumps the Castle." SMG4 meets MM54321, and encourages him to takes back his spot. Mario and Co tell MM 2.0 that they don't like how he treats them, and then MM54321 busts in. After a fight scene, MM54321 defeats MM24680 and claims his spot. At the end of the video, MM24680 reveals that he was trying to help MM54321, and encourage him to create beter content.

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